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Why Bitcoin, Ethereum cryptocurrency losing value – Digital Technology

Bitcoin, Ethereum losing value In Crypto Market:


Bitcoin & Etehrium is a digital payment system and there is no need for a bank account to verify transactions. You can invest your money and can trade online. The main thing you should have is the basic skills in Bitcoin Ethereum Trading.

TechsChats Crypto Currency
TechsChats Crypto Currency


Is Crypto Risky?

Digital Technolgy Cryptocurrency may prove risky if you do have not much expertise in Digital trading. So, before investing in crypto you should learn about it. You should know which coins have a high potential of changing their value. Although those coins which have a high potential of changing their value in the market may give high profit they are high risky the same way.

Top Coins in Market:

You should know the top-rated coins and their history before investing in any coin. The top-rated coins in the market are:

TechChats Digital Currency
TechChats Digital Currency

Bitcoin History:

Bitcoin was launched in 2009, one year after the launching of cryptocurrency. After the launching of bitcoin, the interest of the people in this coin increases with time. As its value in the market goes in ascending order.

The lowest value of Bitcoin:

The lowest value of bitcoin was at the time of its emergence, which was about $0.00 but its value at this point remains for a very short time. In a few years its value multiplied by many folds.

Highest Value of Bitcoin:

Bitcoin coin achieved its highest value many times in 2021. The highest value that bitcoin achieved was about $65000. But this coin has a good potential for changing its value. So, experts are earning a lot using this coin.

Tech Chats Digital Technology
Tech Chats Digital Technology

Why is Bitcoin going down in 2021?

Bitcoin dropped its value to 43000 USD in 2021. The main reason behind this is the Uncertainty in the crypto market. The uncertainty is high because of increasing Omicron Variant cares in the world. As people have a low amount of money they are investing less in the crypto market. Due to this, the volume of the coin in the crypto market is decreasing and along with this the value of coins is also decreasing.

Bitcoin News:

The bitcoin news will be different in different circumstances. it depends upon the day on which you are searching about this coin. Because of its high potential of changing its value, you may get different news about bitcoin in two alternative days.

Techs Chats Etherium Technolgy
Techs Chats Etherium Technolgy

Ethereum history:

This coin was launched in 2013. But Ethereum network went live in 2015. After this people start investing in it. As its amount was even high in the start as compared to bitcoin. So, the people invested a lot in this coin even after the very few months of its launching.

Ethereum Lowest Value:

the value of Ethereum was lowest at the time of its Emergence. Its value was about 0.31 USD. As people started investing in this coin the value of this coin also increased. This coin has a good potential of changing its value. So, the experts like this coin for making a good quality profit.

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Ethereum Highest Value:

Ethereum hit its highest value in 2021. it is also expected that it may get another highest value in 2022. It all depends upon the Covid condition in the world. As the covid situation affects the crypto market very badly. The highest ever value it got was 69 Million USD. in 2021.

Will Crypto Recover:

The is no solid answer to this question at any time. As its market depends on a number of factors which keep on changing with time. but the interest of people is increasing with time in this market. In the future might be some coins may drop to $0 but some coins may shoot to their highest value.

Now it all depends upon the investor. How much skill he has in this market. If he is highly experienced then he will get a lot of profit from this market. Contrary to this some may lose their money because of investing in the wrong coin or at the wrong time.

Is Crypto Risky?

To invest in a crypto is always risky. But you can minimize your risk by learning the skills of the crypto market. There are a number of courses available on the internet by which you can learn about the changing market. Techs Chat suggests you learn the market before investing. Invest in those apps or platforms which provide you dollars for learning the trade. After learning the basics then you should invest in this market.

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In this article by Tech Chats, the history of Bitcoin and Ethereum is described. The highest and lowest values are mentioned. It is described in a good way when should a person should invest in Crypto Market.

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