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Securus Technology:

Securus Technologies – It is a prison communications firm. This company is criticized for developing phone tracking technologies that can also be used outside prisons and because of charging very high rates for calls. But because of its Convenience for the Prisoners, it became famous.

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Importance of the Technology:

It is a Completely web-based visual communication system. It allows friends, family members, and public officials to schedule and take part in video sessions with another individual from anywhere with just internet access. It made a significant revolution in the world after its emergence.

Account Creation:

In order to create an account, You have to follow the Basic rules. The Securus app will guide you in order to create the Account. You just have to follow these Rules.


  1. To get started click the “HERE” Button
  2. Click the “Sign Up” Button
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Confirm your email address

After following these rules your account will be created and you are ready to go.

You can also create your account by calling on 866-806-7804 to register your landline phone on Circus.

Forgotten Password:

In case you have forgotten your password. You just have to follow simple steps and you can reset your password again.


  1. Click “Reset your password”
  2. Select the Gear will take you to the basic Profile Settings page.
  3. Click the pencil in the Password settings in order to edit your password.

So, this way can easily reset your password if you have forgotten the previous one.

techs Chats

Video Call setting:

If you wanna set up a video call by using Serucus, You just have to follow the simple Steps Provided by the Techs Chat article.


  1. Check for “if your inmate’s facility offers video visitation”
  2. Go to
  3. Select the facility where the second person is located to whom you wanna call.
  4. Search for your inmate to whom you wanna video call and add them.
  5. Click “Schedule” order to begin the scheduling process of video calling.

Calling Rates:

The FCC rate is $0.21 per minute for debit and prepaid ICS calls and the rate is a little high of about $0.25 per minute for collecting ICS calls and these are in effect for all “interstate” ICS calls.
A 20-minute video call which is considered a long call will cost $5.95.

Comparison with Normal Phone Call:

If we talk about 20 minutes of a video call on Securus its cost is about $2 more than a 20-minute phone call.

Reason for High Cost:

The Price of providing operator-assisted calling is higher as compared to the cost of providing long-distance calls. These costs include special equipment, equipment maintenance, billing validation, billing and collections, service to customers, and other expenses al also included.

Because of all these reasons the total cost of the call increase as compared to the normal calls on mobile phones.

Payment Method:

Your monthly subscription will now allow a payment option plan that allows this app to connect users to subscribe to unlimited video sessions for a monthly subscription fee which is not very High. The subscription will automatically renew and charge the user’s credit card after the monthly subscription period has ended.

There are different Payment Methods Available. Here we will mention some of them.

  • Web
  • IVR
  • CSR

Processing Fee during Payment:

There will be different processing fees depending upon the Payment method.

  • If You are using Web then the Processing fee will be Up to $3.00 Visa or MasterCard.
  • And If You are using CSR then the Processing fee will be Up to $5.95 Visa or MasterCard.

The problem in Working:

If the system is not working even after restarting your device, please reinstall the app. If your device meets the minimum requirements then please try restarting your device or remove and reinstall the app on your device.

In this Article by Tech Chats, the basics of working are explained completely. This Article Will solve all Your problems regarding the use of the app. Use the Speed Test provided in the app before visits to make sure the connection is strong for a high-quality call, to save yourself from problems during the call.

Refund by App:

In order to request a refund, the Direct Bill account holder should call Securus at 1-800-844-6591. There is no charge to the customer service call to receive a refund in these cases.




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