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The Matrix Resurrections

It is a Scientific fiction film which is directed by Wachowskis. In this film, there is an idea of science that explains the general idea of science and some complex science rules.


techs chats The Matrix Resurrections
techs chat The Matrix Resurrections


While fiction is something that is totally different from normal life. it is the representation of those things which don’t exist in reality. such as those horror characters and superpowers.

The message of The Matrix:

This film gives us a message that there is a clear-cut difference between the Real and Imaginary World. Techs Chats And it depends upon a person to choose what to select.

The writer Explains that there is a huge difference between the reality of the world and the things explained in Fiction movies. he added that there is no relation between imaginary movie scenes with the normal Normal. these are just for fun and to create interest in the viewers.

The cast of Matrix Resurrections:

The Persons Who performed and are the main characters of the film are called its cast. If we talk about matrix resurrections the main cast I;

  • Morpheus
  • Niobe
  • Sati
  • Agent Smith
  • Neo
  • Agent Johnson
  • Agent Thomson
  • Lexy
  • Military

Beyond this, a number of other characters are also in the movies who play a basic role in the production of the movie. But we have mentioned the main characters.

Is Matrix a Good Movie?

the selection of this movie as good or bad totally depends upon a person who is deciding. One person may say it’s a very good movie but contrary to it the other may say it’s not a good movie.

The person’s thinking decides it. although it’s a science movie which may prove beneficial for the students who are learning science it also contains horror scenes and Bad words so it may be said that it’s not a good movie. In simple it is a Good movie in one way and bad in the other way.

Priyanka Chopra Role In Matrix:

Priyanka Copra is an Indian Actress. she is also a singer and entertainer. she is one of the highest-paid actresses in India. she is also a Miss World winner in which she is nominated as the most beautiful lady in the world.


techs chats The Matrix Resurrections


In this movie of Matrix, she played the role of sati. Which is the most interesting character of the movie and Priyanka played her role very well in this movie.

Age Restrictions for Matrix Resurrections:

There is no adult content in this movie but there are horror scenes in this movie that may have a negative impact on the minds of the children. So it is suggested that this movie is not good for children of age less than 9 Years. And the Children less than 15 Years should watch the movie with their parents.

The other reason behind this is the use of bad words which may have a bad impact on young minds. So, its not a Good movie for people of small age.

Religion on which Matrix based on:

Christianity is the religion on which the movie is based, The major character of the film “Neo” is Jesus by religion. there is No image of any other religion in this movie.

Concept of Sunglasses:

Sunglasses in the movie Hide the eyes of the persons who are wearing it along with this it reflects the people to whom a person is watching. And when a person removes his sunglasses The perspective changes completely the persons who were hidden from others by sunglasses are now exposed to each and every one by removing sunglasses.

Shooting City of Movie:

The movie is shot completely in two cities:

  • San Francisco
  • Berlin

The first part of the movie is shot in San Francisco. and it’s the major part of the movies having some Scientific scenes and Horror Characters, The Remaining part is shot in Berlin, it’s not very much part of the movie just the limited scenes are shot here. but these scenes are also the soul of the movie and can’t be neglected in any way.

Budget of Movie:

The Matrix cost About 190 million US dollars. Which is a huge amount and one of the highest budgets among Hollywood movies. But this movie earned a lot too. so this budget is not very big in comparison with the earning of the





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