The Biggest Bigg Boss Controversies That Rocked The House on apne tv

The favorite pastime of watching TV and following gossip websites comes in handy when we’re discussing the Bigg Boss house. With its high-voltage drama every week, the show has also given us several controversies to talk about. From inane tasks to personal attacks, from romantic relationships to outrageous fights, from verbal abuse to physical violence – Bigg Boss excels amazingly at giving us everything that’s bad for our health as viewers. But it’s exactly the reason why we keep coming back for more. We all know how people react under stress — they become a different person. And this is exactly what happened with the participants of the show during their stay inside the ‘Bigg Boss’ house. They broke out of their shell and let loose!

Shilpa Shinde’s Slap-gate

The first episode of the show had already set the tone for the season. One of the contestants, Shilpa Shinde, lashed out at Swami Om and hit him. This had caused a lot of controversy and was believed to be one of the reasons for the show’s abrupt end. Shilpa claimed that Swami Om had shot at her with water from his squirt bottle. This had provoked her so much that she lost her temper and slapped him. But Swami Om had no complaints against her and even claimed that he would have slapped her if he had been in her place. This particular controversy was so intense that it even led to a change in the channel’s decision. Initially, the show was supposed to be aired on Colors TV, but they were not able to handle the level of violence shown in the show and decided to drop it. Colors was, however, brought back as the producers managed to convince on apne tv

Akash and Rohini’s Kissing Booth

Akash and Rohini’s controversial task has been one of the most talked about tasks in the history of Bigg Boss. The couple was given a task wherein they had to make money by kissing in public. They were supposed to earn a certain amount of money for every kiss. And if they tried to avoid kissing in public, they would lose money. If they failed to earn the amount, they would have to kiss in front of everyone in the house. This particular task had received a lot of criticism from the viewers who claimed that it was very inappropriate and not worth being shown in a family show. However, the couple had managed to fulfill the task and earn the required amount. The second part of the task was equally controversial as the couple had to kiss for a whole hour. The task had created such an outrage that people from the Electronic and Broadcasting Content Regulation Authority (EB CER) had even visited the house to see the situation.

Super bichaar task

This was definitely the most controversial task ever given in the show. The contestants were given the task of earning money by any means they could think of. This was followed by a shocking twist in the end. The contestants were shocked to see a dog getting shot by an anonymous person on a big screen that had been installed in the house. The contestants were asked to keep their hands above their heads as they were told to watch a crime being committed right in front of them. The dog was a stuffed animal. The task had caused a lot of outrage among the viewers and was criticized by several people. It was slammed by several animal activist groups and people from all corners of the country. Even the Animal Welfare Board of India had asked the channel to stop showing the task again.

Tanisha and Hina’s fight

One of the most controversial fights in the show’s history was between contestants Hina and Tanisha. Hina had often been a victim of Tanisha’s verbal abuse and bullying inside the house. This fight had brought to light the reality of bullying that exists even today. The fight had started with Tanisha asking Hina to not speak because she was interrupting their conversation. This had led to a heated argument between the two. Tanisha had called Hina a ‘loser’ several times while Hina had called her a ‘pig’. The fight had also led to a lot of social media trolling as people had picked sides and started bashing the contestants.

Urvashi Vamp’s Fight With Shabby Shooran

Urvashi Vamp and Shabby Shooran had a confrontation inside the house. The two were given the task of writing a diary which would reveal their thoughts and feelings and also their plans if they were given the power to rule the world for a day. Shabby’s diary had a page that was titled ‘Urvashi Vamp ki Diary’. In the page, she had written several things about Urvashi, including that she is a ‘fool’, has ‘no brains’, and ‘no talent’. This had enraged Urvashi who had gone to complain to Bigg Boss, asking him to make Shabby apologize. Shabby, on the other hand, had said that she had written the diary in a humorous manner and the words had been twisted by Urvashi to make it into a fight. She had also claimed that Urvashi was a ‘jealous woman’ and had tried to create a rift between her and the other contestants.

Dolly Bindra & Gstaad’s fight in Bigg Boss Kannada 2

Dolly Bindra and Gstaad Gullan had their share of arguments during their stay in the house. However, things heated up when the two had a fight that turned out to be one of the most controversial fights in the show’s history. The fight had started with Gstaad claiming that Bindra was not really sick and that she was pretending to be sick to gain sympathy. This soon led to an argument, and Gstaad had even reportedly pulled Bindra’s leg. The fight had become so intense that the two had even slapped each other. This had created a lot of controversy outside the house and has since been one of the most talked-about fights on Bigg Boss.

Sumana vs. Nani (Kannada)

Sumana and Nani were the contestants from the Kannada version of Bigg Boss. Sumana and Nani had been close friends outside the house, and their relationship was quite evident inside the house as well. However, things changed when Nani started avoiding Sumana. He had even started getting close to other contestants in order to avoid her. This had caused Sumana to get suspicious and she had even gone to the extent of accusing Nani of having an affair with a female contestant. This had led to a huge fight between the two wherein Sumana had threatened Nani. This fight had created a lot of controversy and was one of the most talked-about fights in the history of Bigg Boss Karnataka.

Rahul Mahajan’s Bizarre Behaviour

Bigg Boss participant Rahul Mahajan had created a lot of controversy as his bizarre behaviour inside the house had caught the attention of everyone. He was given bizarre tasks such as taking a bath inside red chilies, sleeping on a bed of broken glass, and sleeping inside an anthill. Apart from the tasks, Rahul’s behaviour inside the house had become very strange with time. He had often been seen walking around the house like a robot. He had also been heard talking to himself. These signs had led to speculations that he was mentally unstable.


The show has definitely given us our share of controversies and several memes as well, but that’s what makes it such a popular show. In fact, it is the controversies that make the show more interesting to watch. These controversies have proved that the contestants inside the house are not just normal people but are celebrities in their own way who have the power to make or break someone’s career. Controversies have always been a part of the entertainment industry, and the Bigg Boss house is no different. That is why we keep coming back to this show again and again.

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