Stranger Things: The Best TV Shows on Netflix (All Seasons)


When Stranger Things first debuted on Netflix in July of 2016, it immediately captivated viewers with its nostalgic 80s vibe and thrilling plot. The show follows the story of Will Byers (played by Finn Wolfhard) after he disappears for a few days and is found in an alternate dimension–hence the show’s title. When he awakens, Will has no memory of what happened to him during his time there. His friends and family think he’s lost his mind until they discover that Will was able to communicate with someone who calls themselves “Stranger Things”. Together with the help of their friend Nancy Wheeler (Sadie Sink), their brother Mike (Finn Wolfgard), their neighbor Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo), and others we follow as they try to find out what really happened to Will.

Stranger Things Seasons 1-2: What to Know Before Binging

Stranger Things was created by two talented filmmakers, the Duffer Brothers, and it is this duo’s unique vision that really brought the show to life. The show is a combination of horror, sci-fi, mystery, and drama and will provide a thrilling watch for anyone who is a fan of these genres. The show is set in small town Indiana, a place where it is often hard to get ahead. The teenagers in particular face this struggle, with the parents of the town not allowing them to attend school dances or have anything that resembles fun. We follow the lives of four kids who are particularly close. Mike, Dustin, Will, and Lucas are like brothers and are always there for each other. One day Will mysteriously disappears and is nowhere to be found. The rest of the group tries to get to the bottom of it while also dealing with their own problems. While the story is very engaging, it is also quite nostalgic as it takes us back to the 80s–a time when things were simpler and there were fewer distractions. This makes the show a great watch even if you’re not a teenager.

Stranger Things Season 3: Release Date

The Duffer Brothers had planned for the story to last for four seasons but after the first two seasons proved to be so successful, they decided to continue the show. Since the season 3 premiere has come and gone–and it was an amazing season–you’ll want to get started on the show as soon as possible. The season 3 premiere came out on July 4, 2019, and it featured a lot of action. We saw our characters go through a lot of drama and find themselves in a very dangerous situation. The big cliffhanger of the season is who the person in the lab coat was and what they plan to do next.

The Best Shows on Netflix You Should Be Watching Right Now

Black Mirror– This is a show that explores the darker side of technology and it will leave you wondering what the future has in store for us. The show is known for its ability to make the viewer feel uneasy and it will stay with you long after you see the final episode. Narcos– This is a show that tells the story of Pablo Escobar and how he became a notorious drug lord. The show has been praised for its accurate portrayal of the drug trade and how it established itself in the 80s. 13 Reasons Why– This is a show that deals with sensitive topics such as the suicide of a teenager. The show is highly controversial but does an excellent job at showing the struggles of someone who has been bullied. Glow– This is a show about a group of misfit men who decide to form a wrestling team. The show is dramatic and funny but also has a lot of heart to it as well.

11 Best Moments in Stranger Things

These are the moments in the show that have stood out to us the most. When Will sees his friends in the other dimension and screams for them to help him– This scene is the most horrifying part of the show as we see Will being assaulted by the other dimension. This is a horrifying moment that you won’t be able to forget. When Eleven takes on the person in the lab coat– When the person in the lab coat comes to the school and threatens everyone, it’s up to Eleven to take him down. She’s able to do it, but not without some damage to herself. The fight is one of the most thrilling scenes of the season. The moment Dustin finds his lost shoe– Dustin’s lost shoe plays a large role in the show. It becomes his lucky charm and helps him in times of need. We even see him use it to try and save his friends in the alternate dimension. The moment the boy at the swimming pool is revealed to be an evil creature– This is a really scary moment in the show as it makes it clear that the scary creatures are real. We also see that Will is somehow connected to these creatures. The moment the monster is seen for the first time– This is a moment that only occurs in the last episode of the season. It’s the monster’s first appearance and it’s a thrilling sight. The moment the monster is defeated– This is a satisfying moment as the show is able to come full circle and have the monster be defeated in the same way it was created.

6 Must-See Episodes of Stranger Things

These are the episodes that really stand out to us. If you’re looking for more insight into the show, then we recommend you watch these episodes. The Vanishing of Will Byers– This is the first episode of the show and is the one where Will first goes missing. A Door to the Other Side– This is the episode where the other side is first seen and we get a few hints as to what is going on. The Third and Final Part– This is the final episode of the show and wraps up all of the loose ends. It’s the last episode of the show but it’s a satisfying conclusion that rounds everything up nicely. Dig Dug– This is an episode that shows the group’s attempts to get rid of the creature that is after their friend. The monster is first seen in this episode. The Vanishing of Eleven– This is the episode where we see the disappearance of Eleven for the first time.

Final Words: Summing Up

Stranger Things is one of the best TV shows that Netflix has ever produced. If you’ve never seen the show before, then we highly recommend you start watching it as soon as possible. If you’ve seen it before, then it’s a great time to revisit this classic show and relive the nostalgia. The show may have come out in 2016, but it has aged well and still holds up as a great watch today. If you’re a fan of shows like Black Mirror or Narcos, then we recommend you check out Stranger Things if you haven’t already.

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