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How Amazon Work ? Deeply Explanation PL, Whole Sale | Techs Chats

What is Amazon?

How it work?

How does Amazon Work? Amazon is an E-Commerce website that is a platform to sell and buy different types of products throughout the world. The headquarters of amazon is in Washington. (techschats)While the warehouses for the storage of products are present in different cities of the world. As Today technology is so advanced.

So, the Shops are present Online for the ease of Customers.That’s a good thing about Amazon.It is expected in Future, Technology will be more advanced. So Different advanced features will be added in the Shopping ways on Amazon.


Amazon Business
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How to work on Amazon?

To start your business, you have to create your seller’s account first. Then you will send the pictures of your products to Amazon. The app will approve your product and after approving your product will be available on the website for the market.

Features of your Product:

Your product should fulfill the required features for the market on Amazon.

  • The product should be lightweight. The weight is an important feature as Amazon charges according to the weight.
  • The product Should be Such that it should resist normal mechanical damage.
  • The product should dry. Types of Business:

Amazon is a huge platform. So, you can perform different types of business. It depends upon your interest, skills you have, and the most important investment that you can spent for your business in the website.

Here we will discuss some important business which you can do on Amazon:


Amazon PL: [ Private Label ]

Amazon private label is a type of marketing on Amazon when you you create your own product and want to sell on Amazon. In this business, you own your product. This business has two types:

Amazon Fulfillment by Amazon:

All this is done by Amazon in this type. you just have to send your products to the Amazon warehouse. After this when a customer buys a product, It will be delivered to the customer by amazon and the product amount will be delivered to your account after the deduction of charges by Amazon.

Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant:

You have to deliver the product to the customer’s house by yourself. There is no involvement of Amazon warehouse. You have to store your items in your own Homes or elsewhere and have to deliver when required. Charges by Amazon are less in this type.


Future Technology
Future Technology Amazon warehouse

Amazon Wholesale:

A very good business on a Website for the people who do not have their own products. In this Business, you have to take the authorization of others’ Products or Brands. You can market the products of others and a commission is given to them.

Techs Chats will give you advice that if you are Good in marketing and have Know-how SEO skills, Then this job is for you. There is no investment of money. The actual investment is of your time and You will earn a lot.


Business Ideas Amazon
Business Ideas Amazon Techschats

Amazon Kindle:

Educated people can run a business on Amazon as Amazon Kindle. those people who can write a book or Interesting stories, research articles they can sell their writings on Amazon. There is no need for printing. You can sell your book in soft form too.

To start this business your English skills should be excellent. You should know about creative writing.  Amazon Drop Shipping:

Actually, this is a shipping job. I this job you just deliver the products of others on to the targeted place which customer has selected. In this business, you do not have any brand and you have not owned any brand. You are not marketing the products of others. You are just delivering the products of the other sellers from their warehouses.


How Amazon Work Affiliate Marketing:

In this job, Amazon provides you a link that you have to use for the Advertisement of products on Amazon. You can share the link o different Social media platforms. If someone purchases anything by using your link then you will get a specific amount of income.

This business is also good for the students are those who know about Modern technology but do not have enough investment to start their business.


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