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What is NFT Crypto? How to Buy & Sell Ethereum NFT – Techs Chats

NFT Cryptocurrency

NFT Crypto is a digital asset which is existing on a blockchain has its unique signature. The blockchain allows everyone to verify the authenticity and ownership of an NFT. These tokens can exist in different forms like images, videos, and text,nft marketplace.

NFT Crypto is a digital asset
NFT Crypto is a digital asset


Currency Used:

Ethereum Price

Such tokens are purchased by using Ethereum but can also be bought with other ERC20 tokens such as WAX and Flow. 

Most Expensive NFTs Ethereum wallet :

  • CryptoPunk,4156 – 2,500 ETH
  • CryptoPunk . 3100 – 4,200 ETH
  • CryptoPunk   7804 – 4,200 ETH

Reasons for High Prices:

Investors say that uniqueness and scarcity are the basic reason for High the prices of CryptoPunks and similar NFTs in the free market for digital goods,rarible nft.

A non-fungible token worth $1 million was sold at 95% below its market value. The purchase price for is 7557, a female punk with a tiara, came in at 4.444 ether, whose worth is around $19,366 at the time.

Most Expensive NFTs Ethereum wallet
Most Expensive NFTs Ethereum wallet

How to buy NFT?

You can buy it from arthouse auctions, such as the ones at Sotheby’s or Christie’s. Sotheby’s sold its first NFT in an online auction this year.

Anyone can buy NFT art from several marketplaces which may include:
  1. Zora
  2. Nifty Gateway
  3. Async Art.
  4. MakersPlace.
  5. OpenSea
  6. KnownOrigin.
  7. Foundation

You have to connect your wallet to the marketplace. Most marketplaces have a simple ‘Connect wallet’ option. Browse the marketplace and choose an NFT. Most marketplaces have an auction system set up for purchasing tokens. you will need to bid for the token that you want.

How to sell Nft?

It is unique and is sold to prove ownership over some sort of digital file. The main reason is the extra fee for selling these tokens.

Cost on Selling:

The average cost of it varies between $900 on Mintable, $500 on OpenSea, and $150 on Valuable among other tokens of the modern era.

Cost on Selling nft
Cost on Selling nft

NFT vs Dogecoin:

Dogecoin developer has minted the cryptocurrency’s first-ever NFT on its Blockchain, confirming the transaction is successful on his Twitter account. The person behind the NFT garnered attention from not only other developers but also the Dogecoin founder, Billy Markus.

Buying Doge NFT:

  • Download Coinbase Wallet at first.
  • Choose a Wallet username
  • Securely store your recovery phrase in case of a forgotten password
  • Plan for Ethereum network fees.
  • Buy and Your transfer ETH to Coinbase Wallet.
  • Use your ETH to buy The Doge NFT.

And after completing all these steps you have bought the Doge Nft.

NFT Marketplace:

It is an online marketplace where people sell their non-fungible art and where buyers can get them using different cryptocurrencies, like BitCoin and there. Most of the marketplaces also charge a transaction fee that is not too high and requires an account with them.

NFT Marketplace sell and buy
NFT Marketplace sell and buy

Is NFT investment Safe?

These are digital assets that act as secure documentation of ownership and is worthwhile investment.  Collectors and speculators alike have flocked to the movement as cryptocurrencies and other digital assets have skyrocketed in their price.

These tokens are essentially trading cards for the super-rich. And there’s no inherent value of these cards other than market ascribes, their fluctuating worth makes their collectability and trading potential like a high-risk gambling game.

This may prove beneficial for those who have experience and expertise in this. and contrary to this it may prove dangerous for the newcomers who don’t have high skills in this.

digital assets that act as secure
NFT digital assets secure

Online Games Based on Nft:z

An example of a successful NFT Game that is played in India is Axie Infinity, which has millions of players if we talk about the whole world.

No.1 Nft Game:

The most advanced and highly played game is Axie Infinity turned out to be the blockbuster play-to-earn NFT game of 2021 and it will do the same in 2022 and the upcoming years. The game allows users to build their kingdom in a mythical place called Lunacia, at this place magical creatures such as Axis are bred to lead the game further and unlock various levels. the highest level is 22.

Other Games:

Name of some important Nft Games of the modern era are

  • Lost Relics.
  • Splinterlands.
  • Gods Unchained.
  • The Sandbox Game.

A single player can play more than one game if he is an expert in more than a game. it all depends upon his professional skills and he will earn more and more depending upon his skills.


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