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China Artificial Sun Technology Success, Broke all World Records

China Artificial Sun Technology 

China launched its own Sun called “Artificial Sun’’ based on Sustained Nuclear Fusion Reaction. The Experiment was successful as Everything went well in the Experiment as Scientists were thinking.


China Artificial
China Artificial Sun Technology Success


City For Experiments:

EAST is a magnetic fusion energy reactor in Hefei. Which is a capital of a province in China. All the experiments were carried out at that place and the final Experiment was successful.

The Temperature of Artificial Sun:

As the Reactions are Nuclear Fusion Reactions. So, the temperature of the artificial sun is also so high. It is about 70 Million Degree Celsius. To achieve this high temperature in real life it’s a very big task, And this task can only be done with the help of Nuclear Reactions as used in Atomic Bombs.


Artificial Sun Technology
China Artificial Sun Technology Success


Real Sun VS China’s Artificial Sun:

If we compare both Suns in terms of temperature china’s artificial sun is much higher in temperature as compared to the real Sun Created by Nature.

The Temperature of the core of the Real sun is about 15 million degrees Celsius. Which is far less than the Sun of China. The major reason behind this is the use of Nuclear Fusion reaction by China. And the sun of China will Work too long with Nuclear energy.

China Artificial Moon:

China and Russia decided together that they will launch their own artificial Moon prior to the launch of the Sun. These two countries also invited other countries to join their International Lunar Research Station. but China Launched it on its own.

Street Lights and artificial Sun:

The artificial moon of China will reduce the requirement for street lights. The thinking of china behind this is to save energy and to utilize the energy of the Sun at night too. In real the moon does not have its own light it just reflects the light of the sun which reaches the surface of the moon. So, they created their own moon to use the light of the Sun reflected by the moon at night.

Advantages of Artificial Sun:

The main reason for creating the sun is not to get any light or heat. The ultimate goal of making the artificial sun is to create a powerful source of energy. The energy of the sun will then be used in useful ways.

The energy production by the artificial sun is a clean source of energy. As the energy is produced from the nucleus of an atom by the radioactive way. in this process, there is no radioactive waste so the process is clean for the environment.

The Artificial sun of China will not produce any greenhouse gasses. So this way there will be an increase in the temperature of the environment.

As we have seen that in many cases where energy is produced there is a rise in temperature and the process causes Global Warming. So, This artificial sun is very much useful this way that it will be free of producing any Gas that may cause global warming.


Artificial Sun
China Artificial Sun Technology Success


Budget Spend on Experiments:

China spent a huge budget on this project. but the main reason is to make the world pollution-free. and to create energy without harming the environment. About 1 Trillion Dollars was used on experiments before the original launching.

The main reason for this huge money is that the nuclear fusion process is too costly. And the scientists are thinking that this amount will be beneficial for the world.

When did Artificial Sun actually start Working?

As Tech Chats has described that all the required experiments have been done. But big things take time the Sun will take time to reach its orbit and start working.

But China has announced the dates that the sun will start working in 2025. and this year they will start producing energy without harming their environment.

Artificial Sun Green Program:

All those programs whose ultimate aim is to protect the environment are green programs. As the aim of launching the sun is also to make the environment pollution-free. Free from greenhouse gases. To prevent the environment from global warming. So, this program is the Green Program.

China is thinking that they will stop all the other energy-producing sources which are polluting the environment and are costly also. So, this program is best in both ways.

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