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Instagram wont let me post | Techs Chats

Instagram as Marketing App:

Instagram is a social media application that is used to share photos and videos. Most people use it to show, what they are doing at a specific time. Some people are also using it as a marking tool because the user of Insta is too high and can be targeted to market their product.

People use Instagram as a brand awareness application. And Insta allows the products to reach a huge population of active users. Tech Chats will explain in detail how to target a specific population.

Technology &information

Technology of information

Why use Instagram for Marketing:

Although Facebook is the best platform for marketing the importance of Instagram in this regard cannot be ignored. The basic reason behind this is the huge number of active users of Instagram...

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What is Tesla? Tesla 14-50 adapter Tesla Electric Cars Technology

What is Tesla?

Tesla is a battery company. It is famous because of its Electric Cars. First Electric car launched in 2008. The company is famous because of solar panels and Lithium-Ion storage batteries. Now the main focus of the company is on creating New Electric cars which may have low costs with high efficiency.

Tesla Technology Techs Chats

Tesla Technology Techs Chats

What is TESLA known for?

TeV-Energy Superconducting Linear Accelerator

Where TeV stands for ” Tera electron volt ”

Tesla Technology Techs Chats

Tesla Technology Techs Chats

Tesla Company Owner:

Elon Musk is the Owner and CEO of Tesla. Musk leads all the designing, engineering, and manufacturing of Electric Vehicles. He also leads the manufacturing of Battery and Solar Products.

He is the owner of not only Tesla but SpaceX also.


Space-X is a company whose major aim is t...

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What is Future Technology? Techschats Technology

Future Technology:

Future Technologies are emerging technologies that we think to be present in Near Future. As the world is changing day by day and there is advancement in technology every day. Future technologies will bring revolution to the world.

Techs Chats Technology

Techs Chats Super Technology

Future Technology 2050:

In 2050 technology will eliminate labor. All the work will be done by robots in industries and other working places. The requirement for human labor will decrease to a high extent. This way all those people who are earning by physical work will be jobless. Future Technology Predictions:

The technologies which scientists are predicting these days are:

  • Open source experimentation grows
  • More choices for multi-cloud deployments
  • New hybrid workforce tools emerge
  • Expanded use of analytics in digi...
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China Artificial Sun Technology Success, Broke all World Records

China Artificial Sun Technology 

China launched its own Sun called “Artificial Sun’’ based on Sustained Nuclear Fusion Reaction. The Experiment was successful as Everything went well in the Experiment as Scientists were thinking.

China Artificial

China Artificial Sun Technology Success

City For Experiments:

EAST is a magnetic fusion energy reactor in Hefei. Which is a capital of a province in China. All the experiments were carried out at that place and the final Experiment was successful.

The Temperature of Artificial Sun:

As the Reactions are Nuclear Fusion Reactions. So, the temperature of the artificial sun is also so high. It is about 70 Million Degree Celsius...

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What is Securus Technologies – Techs Chats

Securus Technology:

Securus Technologies – It is a prison communications firm. This company is criticized for developing phone tracking technologies that can also be used outside prisons and because of charging very high rates for calls. But because of its Convenience for the Prisoners, it became famous.

techs Chats

Importance of the Technology:

It is a Completely web-based visual communication system. It allows friends, family members, and public officials to schedule and take part in video sessions with another individual from anywhere with just internet access. It made a significant revolution in the world after its emergence.

Account Creation:

In order to create an account, You have to follow the Basic rules. The Securus app will guide you in order to create the Account...

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What is NFT Crypto? Techs Chats Bitcoin Currency Digital Currency Ethereum Currency Science Science & Tech Technology

What is NFT Crypto? How to Buy & Sell Ethereum NFT – Techs Chats

NFT Cryptocurrency

NFT Crypto is a digital asset which is existing on a blockchain has its unique signature. The blockchain allows everyone to verify the authenticity and ownership of an NFT. These tokens can exist in different forms like images, videos, and text,nft marketplace.

NFT Crypto is a digital asset

NFT Crypto is a digital asset

Currency Used:

Ethereum Price

Such tokens are purchased by using Ethereum but can also be bought with other ERC20 tokens such as WAX and Flow. 

Most Expensive NFTs Ethereum wallet :

  • CryptoPunk,4156 – 2,500 ETH
  • CryptoPunk . 3100 – 4,200 ETH
  • CryptoPunk   7804 – 4,200 ETH

Reasons for High Prices:

Investors say that uniqueness and scarcity are the basic reason for High the prices of CryptoPunks and similar NFTs in the free market for digital goods,rarible nft.


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