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83 Movie | Box Office Collection – Techs Chats

83 Movie | Box Office Collection:

Movie 83 is a historical movie based on a match of the 1983 World Cup. In this match, India beat West India Who was two times the world champion. And after winning this match. The position of India in the world cup raised again.

Kapil Dev | Hero of the Match:

In this match, Kapil was the hero. He was leading his team in that world cup and his performance in that match made India Favorite team in the World Cup.

In Movie 83 Ranveer Singh is representing the role of Kapil Dev. Who was the Captain of the Team in that match? So, Ranveer is the main actor of that movie and his character in the movie is damn impressive. If any Indian is watching the movie. This movie will make him Goosebumps as the movie is like reality.

The cast of 83 Movie:

The most famous and...

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The Matrix Resurrections – Techs Chats

The Matrix Resurrections

It is a Scientific fiction film which is directed by Wachowskis. In this film, there is an idea of science that explains the general idea of science and some complex science rules.

techs chats The Matrix Resurrections

techs chat The Matrix Resurrections

While fiction is something that is totally different from normal life. it is the representation of those things which don’t exist in reality. such as those horror characters and superpowers.

The message of The Matrix:

This film gives us a message that there is a clear-cut difference between the Real and Imaginary World. Techs Chats And it depends upon a person to choose what to select.

The writer Explains that there is a huge difference between the reality of the world and the things explained in Fiction movies...

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